Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines, also known as Philippine Air Linesis, is the country's flag carrier and one of Asia's oldest airlines. It was established on February 26, 1941, making it Asia's first and oldest commercial airline that continues to operate under its original name. Philippine Airlines has served a significant part in connecting the Philippines to more than 70 destinations around the world since it began operations.

Cabin and Amenities

Philippine Airlines provides its passengers with comfortable and luxurious amenities. Passengers in Business class can have access to spacious and fully reclining seats, as well as personal touch-screen televisions, reading lights, laptop charging ports, and USB ports. The Panasonic eX2, which is available in all cabins, is the airline's advanced in-flight entertainment system. Passengers can gain access to an extensive collection of video and audio content, customize their entertainment experience, and enjoy on-demand games and programs.

Baggage Information

Passengers flying with Philippine Airlines need to be familiar with baggage policies. This includes the size, weight, and number of checked-in bags permitted, as well as the allowance for hand-carried luggage in the cabin. Depending on space availability, passengers with infants may be permitted to bring a portable stroller, carrying basket, or car seat. Passengers on connecting flights are sometimes required to claim their baggage and clear customs, particularly in Manila or when traveling to specific countries. Each flight ticket has its own baggage allowance policy, and connecting flights might charge additional baggage fees. For more information, you can visit Philippine Airlines’ official website.

Loyalty program

Philippine Airlines presents customers to join their prestigious frequent flyer program, Mabuhay Miles. This exclusive program allows people to gain miles on their flights and then trade them for an array of enticing perks such as free flights, upgrades, and a variety of other rewards. Mabuhay Miles offers several membership tiers, including Classic, Elite, Premier Elite, and Million Miler, with each offering distinctive perks customized to its esteemed participants' tastes and travel patterns.

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