Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airways is committed to customer satisfaction as a reputable low-cost airline. The airlines have been making travel dreams come true without breaking the bank of the fliers. With an extensive network covering over 100 destinations in the USA and more than 30 international hotspots, the airlines got you covered from coast to coast and beyond!

Luggage Policies

Frontier Airways prioritize comfort and the safety of travelers’ belongings. Purchase carry-on and checked bags after booking for flexibility and savings. Precise size and weight restrictions apply to personal items, carry-on bags, and checked bags. Personal items are included with the ticket, and the WORKS! ℠ package includes carry-on bags. Fliers can enhance their travel experience with services like priority boarding and bag weight upgrades. For more information and special item guidelines, visit our website. We're here to ensure your journey is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Cabin Experience

Embark on a comfortable journey with Frontier Airways, where affordability and passenger satisfaction go hand in hand. Frontier Airways’ single cabin class is thoughtfully designed to maximize space, providing ample legroom and comfort on request. Travelers can indulge in in-flight amenities like snacks, beverages, and entertainment options available for purchase. The travel experience can be enhanced by adding services such as seat selection, priority boarding, and extra legroom.


Frequent fliers can experience the rewards of an exclusive loyalty program, FRONTIER Miles, and unlock easy and free travel experiences. Travelers can earn 1 mile for every mile flown, accelerating their path to reward flights and Elite Status. Members enjoy additional perks like access to the lowest fares, discounted baggage fees, and early access to promotions. Members can take advantage of the flexibility to pool their miles with loved ones. Frontier Miles members can also explore the benefits of the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® for faster mile accumulation and exclusive advantages.

TravTask: Your Travel Partner

Let TravTask be your ultimate travel companion. We're here to create unforgettable memories for your journeys. Partnering with leading airlines like Frontier Airways, we offer diverse travel options. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing personalized assistance, competitive rates, and exceptional service. Whether it's a well-deserved vacation or a business trip, contactTravTask today and let us make your travel dreams a reality. Call us on our toll free number to know about ongoing discounts and offers on Frontier Airline fight tickets.

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