Ethopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, the flag carrier of Ethiopia, has established itself as a premier airline with a global reach. Ethiopian Airlines is committed to excellence and connects passengers to over 125 destinations across Africa, America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Operating with a modern fleet and a focus on customer satisfaction, Ethiopian Airlines offers a superior travel experience.

Luggage Policies

The ticket price includes baggage transportation, which varies based on the booking class and destination. The maximum weight limit for a single bag is 32kg, and the sum of length, width, and height should not exceed 158cm. Certain types of irregularly shaped or poorly packed baggage may not be accepted unless placed in travel bags meeting the size requirements. Items that may cause damage to other baggage must be packed appropriately. Additional allowances apply to ShebaMiles Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Blue members based on the piece or weight system. Hand baggage allowance is 1 piece of 7kg in Economy and 2 pieces of 7kg each in Business class.

Cabin Experience

Ethiopian Airlines ensures a comfortable cabin experience with Economy and Cloud Nine (Business Class) classes. In Economy Class, passengers enjoy basic comfort and limited services at an affordable price. Seat width and legroom vary by aircraft, with optional amenities available for purchase. For enhanced comfort, Cloud Nine offers improved seating, larger screens, electrical outlets, and upgraded meals, though at a slightly higher cost. Please note that the availability of Business class may vary by flight.

ShebaMiles Loyalty Program

Welcome to ShebaMiles, Ethiopian Airlines' loyalty program. Earn miles on everyday activities, not just flights, and redeem them for various rewards. Membership tiers (Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum) offer exclusive benefits like bonus miles, priority services, and lounge access. Progress to higher tiers by accumulating Status Miles or Qualifying Segments throughout the year. Purchase Status Miles to upgrade or maintain your level. Start enjoying the perks of ShebaMiles today.

TravTask: Your Trusted Travel Companion

TravTask offers seamless booking and unforgettable journeys, including Ethiopian Airlines flights. As a trusted travel company, we collaborate with leading airlines worldwide to provide diverse travel options. With our expert team, personalized assistance, competitive rates, and exceptional service, we'll make your vacation or business trip remarkable. Contact TravTask today to embark on your journey with Ethiopian Airlines.

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